Infant massage

I am an infant massage instructor. I trained with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). You can look on the IAIM website for more information. I thoroughly enjoy teaching parents in a class setting or one to one. It is a lovely thing to do with your baby and has many benefits.


The Benefits of massage

Helps neuron/brain development. Enhances communication with your baby through touch, eye contact, and verbal response between the two of you. Produces feel-good hormones for both you and your baby Helps you bond with your baby, and can reduce postnatal depression. It is a joyful thing to do with your baby. Reduces stress hormones, so relaxing your baby, therefore helping them to cope better with reflux, wind, and constipation. Improves stimulation levels, enabling them to cope with more stimulation before getting too tired or stressed. Relaxes them, helping them sleep. Infant Massage is based on the tradition of Indian massage, Swedish massage, a little reflexology and yoga. Come along to an IAIM class. There you will meet other parents in the same situation as you and it is a wonderfully relaxing class for you and your baby. A baby massage is of great value to fathers as well as mothers, particularly as they don't always have the same time with their baby, especially when mum is feeding. Make time for this. It is a wonderful thing to do yet so simple. It is the giving and receiving of love and it doesn't cost a thing.

'When from the wearing war of life, I seek release. I look into my baby's face and there find peace.' Martha F Crow. From Vimala McClure, 'Infant Massage - a Handbook for Loving Parents'. Souvenir Press, 2001.

Please contact me if you would like information on a one to one class in your home or a class in your area.