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What would Fiona do?

This book was written to help the parents whom I am unable to help in person.

It is a gentle and flexible guide which encourages the parents to stay calm and enjoy their baby. It gives advice on feeding, how much and how often. How to communicate with baby, and teaches parents to read baby’s body language. There is guidance on flexible routines and finding what works for the family.

Its starts from day one through to three months the time when I feel is most crucial to establishing a good feeding routine and encouraging baby to sleep well. I talk about the baby adjusting from the womb to our world. I encourage communication through touch and talk about infant massage. I also like to teach infant massage in person. It is a relaxed book to allow parents to listen to baby’s needs. It covers what clothes to wear during different temperatures. Safe sleeping, how often to change nappy, bathing, bathing with siblings, and what you would need when travelling etc.

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