A little bit about me

Fiona picI am the youngest of four and my first memorable experience with babies was when my first nephew was born when I was eleven years old. More and more babies came along and I loved to help out by feeding and changing nappies at that young age.  I became the mother of two daughters in my early twenties and thoroughly enjoyed motherhood. The early days are so precious children really do grow up fast.  When my children were in secondary school I decided I wanted to study so I got the necessary qualifications to go on to higher education.  I was accepted in to Staffordshire University where I spent three years studying midwifery and working on the wards of Shrewsbury hospital. In 2006 I found maternity nursing or it found me I have continued to work as a maternity nurse to date. I love helping families with their new babies. I know that I can make the transitional stage of a new family much more relaxed. I have always felt that it is a great privilege to work with families so closely at this special time.  I thoroughly enjoy my work.